Maxine is a fully qualified Pilates teacher through the Body Control Pilates Association.


Pilates is a complete body workout which targets the deep stabilising muscles whilst also improving co-ordination and flexibility. It is suitable for all age groups and fitness levels. Most of the exercises are performed on the floor making it very safe for people with joint problems or bad backs.


New clients attend a one-to-one lesson before joining a class. This is priced at £30.


For more information contact me through this website.


Term Dates

Pilates classes will run from Tuesday 17 April to Wednesday 25 July with a break for half term during week commencing 28 May.


Classes cost £9.50 each, payable by the term or half term.


Body Control Pilates is a registered trademark used under licence.  For more information about Body Control Piilates visit http://www.bodycontrolpilates.com